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Angela Hagler

“We are so thankful to have Dr.Puckett as our family dentist. He is so patient and kind and makes each of us feel special and of value. I cannot count all of the times that he has taken extra time or gone above and beyond what was required to give us the best experience possible.Dr. Puckett is talented and generous person and those traits are reflected in his work and the office ambiance. Everyone in the office is friendly and supportive- from the front desk to the hygienist and dental assistant in the patient rooms.  Dr. Puckett and his staff truly make going to the dentist a pleasurable experience.”


Joe Hagler

“As a person who has never enjoyed anyone working in my mouth, Dr. Puckett has made visiting a dentist office a much less dreaded experience.  Not only have I been appreciative of his expertise in taking care of my multiple dental needs over the years, his personal interest in me and my family shows his true character.  I know that his Christian values and principles guide his work and I am always confident that his treatment advice is what is best for me and my family.”


Debbie Kahn

    “I have had a multitude of dental procedures done over my lifetime-filling cavities, replacing fillings, crowns, root canals, veneers, snore guard fitting,etc. I started to see Dr. Puckett in 1998, when we moved to NC.  He is by far the best cosmetic dentist I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying dental treatments from.  He is extremely versatile, a complete perfectionist, and highly proficient.  He knows how to make a patient’s mouth look fabulous! But the best part of interacting with Dr. Puckett is his office staff- Rita, Kim, Shell and Erica- make office visits as pleasurable as possible. I look forward to seeing them at least twice a year!”


Rose Pratt

"Dr. Puckett and his staff go above and beyond to make your experience in his office a pleasant and comfortable experience.  I recommend him all the time.  My expectations were not very high because of all the work I needed.  But Dr. Puckett was great at discussing several plans of procedures and did not force me to do anything I was comfortable with.  Dr. Puckett and his staff were always very pleasant and made my time there very comfortable."


Earl & Petra Schaefer

"When moving to a new area one of the problems you face is locating new doctors and dentist.  We lucked out!  Posted at the desk of the reception room of our new Retirement Community was a notice with the name of a near by dentist- within walking distance.  Having been patients of the UNC Dental School Clinic in Chapel Hill for 35 years, our standards and expectations were high.  With our first visit to Dr. Michael Puckett’s office we were sure we had made the right choice.  A graduate from the UNC School of Dentistry, he had all the latest technology, techniques and equipment for a state of the art dental practice.  For example, he was able to perform all the necessary steps for two beautiful new crowns in one day’s appointment!  And, to my relief, Dr. Puckett had a procedure for a gum problem of mine that eliminated the necessity of a planned periodontal surgery.

Dr. Puckett and his staff are very generous with their time explaining problems and procedures and their skillful hands make you comfortable and confident.  Every six months it’s a pleasure to leave with a sparking clean mouth."


Suzanne McEwen

“ I’ve been a patient by referral for 16yrs.  Dr. Puckett and his staff have always taken great care of me with routine visits.  When this process became necessary, Dr. Puckett walked me through the steps needed and put me at ease immediately.  My day was pain free, and pleasant because everyone put in extra time and effort to make sure I was comfortable.  I will continue as a patient and to refer anyone who needs a great caring and knowledgeable dentist to Dr. Puckett.  My expectation were exceeded!”